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Look What's In the Cupboard Today

Bones, biscuits, munchies. Whatever you call them, they're Grrreat!   Six 4-in bones for only $3.50 (PA sales tax included).
Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Bones    Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Bones  - Cream cheese is a flavor delight--almost as special as peanut butter. So, combined with pumpkin is both flavorable and healthy. Perfect choice for finicky pups.
Peanut Butter Cheese Bones    Shelby's Peanut Butter Cheese Bones - Every dog's favorite creamy peanut butter with cheddar cheese. Whole wheat flour.
Peanut Butter Sparkle Bones    Peanut Butter Sparkle Bones  - Ready to party? Need some more sparkle? Nothing more sparkling than peanut butter bones topped with rainbow sprinkles.
Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bones    Otis' Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bones - Another canine favorite. White flour, peanut butter and oatmeal. Healthy and ummm-um good.
Turkey Bacon Bones    Turkey Bacon Bones - For the dog that's definitely a turkey, or craves the taste of real meat. Made with real turkey bacon, lots of parsley, white flour and corn meal. A real beauty of a bone!
Beef BBQ Bones    Beef BBQ Bones - Smells like grilling in the summer. Whole wheat, hamburger and barbecue sauce. Can't resist the aroma.
Sweet Potato and Molasses Bones    Sweet Potato and Molasses Bones  - The natural sweetness of the healthy sweet potato mingles with the natural sugar in molasses to make this enticing and delicious.
Peanut Butter & Apple Bones    Peanut Butter and Apple Bones - What a combination! Show me a dog that doesn't love peanut butter. Add the crunchy sweetness of apple, and you'll be an instant hero (if you aren't already). Oh, and by the way, we use whole wheat flour.
Chuck 'n Cheese Bones    Chuck 'n Cheese Bones  - Big Mac® for dogs. Ground beef and parmesan cheese with white flour and parsley. (Mac is the big collie in the picture.)
Blueberries and Cream Cheese Bones    Blueberries and Cream Cheese Bones  - Can't miss these colorful treats. And combining blueberries (another dog favorite) with cream cheese makes them special, too.
Green Beans and Ham Bones    Green Beans and Ham Bones  - Green beans are a dog's favorite, and nutritional, too. Combine with the natural saltiness of ham, and you have a winner.
Chicken and Rice Bones    Chicken and Rice Bones - Upset Stomach? What would your vet recommend? Chicken and rice, of course! Chicken, white rice and white flour.
Carob and Peanut Butter Bones    Carob and Peanut Butter Bones - Just like our favorite chocolate and peanut butter treats from the candy store. But NO chocolate! Carob instead. Not only is it OK for our beloved pooch, we've heard it's even good for poochy arthritis.
Dulci    Dulci's Steak and Egg Bones - Our new spoiled puppy demanded her own bone. And, it had to include her favorite -- steak! So, steak it is.
Peanut Butter and Bacon Bones    Peanut Butter and Bacon Bones  - What's not to love? A big favorite at recent shows. And at home.
Muffins--soft and cute. And, what a feast!   Four muffins for $3.50 (PA sales tax included).  Feel free to mix and match!
Carob Muffins    Casey's Carob Sweety's Muffins - For the dog that loves the rich taste of chocolate, but knows it's a No-No! Carob muffins with unsweetened coconut topping.
Belly Better Muffins    Quincy's Belly Better Muffins - For the dog with the "touchy" stomach. An angel food cake-like muffin with low-sodium chicken broth and rice, and unbleached white flour.
Fruity Nutty Muffins    Mandy's Fruity Nutty Muffins - Mandy likes her no sugar-added fruit cocktail mixed with a little unsweetened coconut in these muffin masterpieces.
Poochy's Pumpkin Muffins    Poochy's Pumpkin Muffins - Store-bought dog food and dog treats are notoriously lacking in protein, fruits and vegetables. Our pumpkin muffins provide not only the fruity tastes dogs crave, but the nutritions as well.
Silly Millie Muffins    Silly Millie Muffins  - Millie is one of our newest inspectors in our quality control department. To say she's silly is an understatement. So, we just had to come up with a loving treat that suits her personality. White flour, peanut butter and bananas baked in a heart shape. Sound silly? Silly or not, they're grrreat...just like Millie.
Treats you won't normally find at your local pet store. Unusual, yet just as nutritious as our bones and muffins.
Whata Bone    "Whata" Bone - A 14-in (no, that isn't a typo) bone made to fit the appetite (if not mouth) of any size dog - from Chihuahua to Irish Wolfhound. Big and sturdy. Made with whole wheat flour.   $6.50 Each (PA sales tax included)
Peanut Butter Layer Cookies
               Peanut Butter Layer Cookies  - Peanut butter on the top...on the bottom...and in the middle. Also in the middle is carob flavor. Best of both worlds.  Three for $1.75
Doggy Donuts    Duke's Doggy Donuts - What a way to start off the day. Delectable donuts with sprinkles and carob toppings. With Duke's Doggie Donuts, it's always a doggone good day.   Two for $1.50
Wally's Woof Waffles    Wally's Woof Waffles - Waffles for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Made with whole wheat flour and corn meal. Spiced with low-sodium chicken broth and garlic powder. A treat you can sink your teeth into. Not for the older pups who prefer soft muffins. Nor for the smaller pups...unless, of course, you're looking for a distraction for an hour or so.   $1.50 Each
Liver and Mash Potato Sticks    Liver and Mash Potato Sticks  - Foot long of total bliss. Chicken liver combined with mashed potatoes. Parmesan cheese on top. No dog can resist.    $3.00 Each
Lollipups    Lollipups - Kids love lollipops. Dogs love lolliPUPS. Sturdy whole wheat biscuits on a commercial chew stick. Decorated with either carob or yogurt coating. Too cute for words.   $1.50 Each
HUGE donuts
               HUGE Donut  - Remember that HUGE peanut butter donut you loved driving to work? Your dog works (and plays) hard as well. So how about a special HUGE peanut butter donut reward filled with Rice Krispies® and topped with yummy yogurt? Be prepared for a face lickin'.  $1.75 Each
Oops Balls    Oops Balls - Well, what can we say they look like... Bran with honey, milk and carob rolled into a ball. Besides being quite a conversation piece, your dogs will devour them.   Two for $1.50
Biscotti    Biscotti  - For the dashing Italian in all of us. Made with white flour, unsweetened applesauce, eggs, cinnamon, peanut butter and carob chips.   $1.50 Each
Scones    Scones - For the British in all of us. White flour and lots and lots of cheese. They're soft and luscious. And for the adventurous, try our liver and cheese scones.   Four for $1.50
Liver & Cheese Scones    Liver & Cheese Scones  - If we've said it once, we've said it a million times. Our treats are good for people as well as pooches. That's because we use ingredients straight from your neighborhood grocery. However, we draw the line here. Liver! Ugh! But dogs love it. It's candy to them. The yeast bread dough recipe is coated with real liver and cheddar cheese, folded over, and baked.   Four for $1.50
Corn Dof Sticks    Corn Dog Sticks  - Shaved raw hide stick holds a hot dog look-alike. Made with corn meal and whole wheat. And even more, it's topped with look-alike mustard and ketchup yogurt.  $1.75 Each
Poopie Pies    Poopie Pies  - White flour and carob sandwiched between white flour and cream cheese. Looks just like a whoopie pie. Great, too, as a doggie milk dunker.   $1.50 Each
Carob Chip Cookies    Carob Chip Cookies  - Whole wheat flour with peanut butter and carob chips. Warning! Children and husbands beware! They look just like chocolate chip cookies. Oh, go ahead. Our treats are better for you than people versions because we don't add salt or sugar.   Two for $1.50
For that really special dog or really special occasion, especially birthday parties.  (Click on picture for larger view. Use your browser's back button to return to the Cupboard.)
Birthday Cake    Birthday Cakes - Let's party! Celebrate your dog's birthday (or adoption day) with a whopping 14-in bone-shaped cake. Great fun for all. Invite the neighbor's dogs. Choose either peanut butter and banana or carob which looks and tastes like chocolate, but is OK for dogs. Decorated on top with three of our 4-in bones that say "Happy," "Birthday," "(your dog's name)."   $14

Party Time Photos    Party Time Photos  (Use your browser's back button to return to the Cupboard.) Immortalize your party. Mail or e-mail your photos. Photos will be returned.
We demand equal time! All this fuss during the holidays over groundhogs, bunny rabbits, swallows, turkeys, whatever. We dogs want to be a part of it, too.  (Click on picture for larger view. Use your browser's back button to return to the Cupboard.)
Ho Ho Bag    Ho Ho Bag - Ho-Ho-Ho. To a dog, biscuits are no laughing matter. But, your special dog will be rolling with glee when seeing our Ho Ho Christmas bag. Inside are 12 assorted biscuits.   $5.50
Easter Baskets    Easter Baskets - Treat that special pup--whether it's yours or whoever you'll be visiting during the holiday. Our cute-as-can-be pails are filled with egg-shaped and rabbit-shaped biscuits, decorated with carob and white yogurt coatings. Also included are doggie jelly beans and our famous Oops Balls.   $20
No, we haven't forgotten your purrs. It's just that they're not quite the party animals as your pooches.
Cat Treats    Bag of Cat Treats - And for the purrrrfect member of the family, how about some fantastic feline treats? They're sure to please the Morris in every household! Four different treats: salmon, liver, tuna and the house specialty in the cutest little cat bag. Morris will love you forever.   Bag of 20 Treats for $2 (PA sales tax included) $4 with mouse


You can e-mail your order to us as well. Or call Chef Karen at 717-367-4428 and leave a message. We'll get back to you ASAP.