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New Products to be Debuted at Groom Expo!

Get on the Stick Couch Potato!

Without a doubt the ultimate couch potato in the household is the family dog. No matter how much training, how many times you scold, leave the house for five minutes and within seconds the dog will be on the couch. Combine the couch potato with a dog's favorite natural toy, the stick, and you have Pooch 'n Purr Pantry's latest treat - BJ's Couch Potato Stick.

BJ's Couch Potato Stick is a 12" long dog treat made from human "fresh off the grocery store shelf" ingredients. Wholewheat flour is combined with plenty of ground chicken liver and mashed potatoes, then slowly oven baked to "stick" hardness. This pawfectly delicious treat makes a great camera moment as the well-loved pet prances proudly with his "stick" in his mouth. Tie a bow around BJ's Couch Potato Stick, and you have the best dog-gone gift ever.

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Pooch 'n Purr Pantry

Who doesn't enjoy the melt in the mouth combination of peanut butter and chocolate in the delectable candy bar that has captivated the two-legged consumer since the 1920s? So why wouldn't a four-legged canine consumer enjoy that sweet taste as well? Pooch n Purr Pantry has recently added to their biscuit line a dog treat that combines everything that a dog loves peanut butter and carob. Carob, which is often in commercial dog food and cattle feed as a flavor enhancer, tastes like chocolate, but without the theobromine that causes the adverse effect in dogs. Carob, which is the name used for this taste treat in human health food stores, comes from an evergreen tree in the Mediterranean and does not contain cocoa or sugar. And dogs love it!

Combined with peanut butter, it's even hard for humans to pass up. "When we put the two taste treats together, we knew we had a winner," stated Pooch n Purr co-owner, Karen DeSio. "Not only was it well received by our canine customers, but it attracts a great deal of attention as well. Where else can you get a dark, practically black biscuit? Everyone wants to know what it is made of, and once the conversation starts, they are sure to take a bag home," DeSio added.

"It has even been stated that carob can ease the arthritic pain in dogs," Lori Adams, the other half of Pooch n Purr Pantry commented. "I'm not sure if that is an old wives' tale or not, but it certainly can't do any harm."

"Pooch n Purr Pantry has nine different flavored biscuits, plus many specialty items, such as muffins, waffles, donuts and a carob chip cookies. All of the biscuits have dual main ingredients to appeal to the dog's sense of smell. And unless we leave the cookie sheet in the oven too long, Barkley's Carob and Peanut butt Biscuits are the only one that comes out black," DeSio joked. "And of course, Barkley is a black Lab."

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